The Mobile slaughter unit is perfect for the remote parts of any country.

The transportation of livestock from isolated areas across land can have adverse effects not just on the animal’s welfare, but also from an ethical and sustainable point of view.

Reducing travel time can create such benefits as reduced stress levels and a fall in anxiety for the animal which in turn decreases the traces of Adrenalin in the product, producing a better-quality cut of meat.

Mobile units are compact in size and can be implemented quickly, they comply with current sanitary requirements and are easily manageable.

The units can be expanded if necessary, simply relocated at any time and in terms of investment they maintain their value.

Abachem can provide multi-compartmental units that incorporate office space, reception chillers, meat rail options, de-boning areas, packaging and welfare facilities.

If you would like further information regarding mobile slaughter halls or if you would like to speak with someone regarding your specifications.

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