The Höcker Master Programme

The perfect hook logistics, control and cleaning technology

Wherever meat transport hooks are employed, a thorough cleaning of them is necessary before use. The CLEANMASTER ultra-sound, hook-cleaning machine offers a perfected system for efficient cleaning.

The CLEANMASTER-cleaning units can be combined with the TRANSPORTMASTER empty hook conveyor technology to form a fully automatic operating conveyor and cleaning system.

The TRANSPORTMASTER empty hook conveying technology is a perfect hook technology. It accepts the dirty hooks at the loading points, for example in the dispatch department, transporting them to the CHECKMASTER hook entry control system of the CLEANMASTER cleaning unit. After cleaning the storage and supply of multiple points of need is carried by automatic request.

The CHECKMASTER entry control system checks incoming standard hooks. It removes non-standard and detective hooks. The accepted hooks are counted and recorded with a date and time in a data file. The result can be passed on via the interface to the in-house computer system

With the TRANSPORTMASTER empty hook conveyor system you have an extremely cost-effective system. According to your needs, in both equipment and volume, the system can be designed for the entire range of the hook system procedure, including the empty hook entry control, cleaning, servicing of all the temporary storage facilities up to the automatic electronic target control of all key areas in the slaughtering and cutting process. The supply and removal of hooks is carried out by pneumatic turning switches.

The points of need are automatically supplied on demand by sensors. This means that there is no delay in accessing clean hooks.

The conveyors consist of modules up to 24m in length which can be individually operated & controlled.

The transport of hooks between the conveyors is carried out by sloping gradients which can be, for example, shaped as a bend and which permit directional changes up to 180 degrees as well as downward and upward gradients up to 27 degrees.

Each conveyor is, at the same time a storage point, for hooks. The storage capacity is calculated according to the width of the skid. E.g 25 Euro-hooks per metre.

CHECKMASTER hook loading control with counting as well as unloading counting for standard hooks.
In many slaughterhouses the incoming hook inspection is a weak point.
Inaccurate information on precise quantities and constantly incoming non-standard and defective hooks cause a permanent need for replacements
Not to mention the costs of the manual hook control performed by employees.

With Checkmaster:
• Incoming hooks are checked electronically
• Non-standard and defective hooks are sorted out
• Display of entry and exit results for technically sound hooks by data file

CLEANMASTER Ultrasonic Hook Cleaning Unit

The CLEANMASTER Ultrasonic Hook Cleaning Units for meat hooks carry out the cleaning very quickly and economically, e.g. up to 1,500 Euro-hooks per hour. The ultrasonic unit can be used in combination with the empty hook conveyor system and can be integrated with already existing hook transport systems, for example in a hanging position underneath the ceiling. Cleaning is carried out after the filing of hooks to the loading unit, which is dipped in the cleaning tank and treated with ultrasound.

At the end of the ultrasonic treatment the hooks are showered with hot water as they are lifted out to remove detergent and any remaining contamination. A continuous filter system permits a permanent cleaning of the detergent solution which is re-closed as necessary. All operations are controlled by a siemens SPS control unit and operated by a touch-screen and indicated as follows:
• Time of the daily start up and shut down with automatic self-cleaning
• Concentrate dosage and temperature of the washing solution
• Duration of the ultrasonic treatment

On request detailed information is available about:
• Deliverable cleaning units with their capacity per hour
• Technical data with dimensions/sizes
• Consumption figures

With the CLEANMASTER ultrasonic unit you have a perfect proven and tested cleaning system which has been installed world-wide by Höcker since 1994!

Höcker TRANSPORTMASTER Conveyor System
For loads up to – 15kg/m

In manufacturing plants, the aim is to optimise the various processes. The expansion of operations can lead to problems of space or interruptions in the production lines which can cause considerable internal transport distances.
The continuously operating Höcker conveyor system can be used at ceiling level with very little noise. Thus the production processes at floor level are not disturbed or halted.
At designated points the system can be lowered for loading and unloading at the pre-determined height. Individually designed carrier hooks are used for the transport.

Specially manufactured to customer requirements:
• Selection solution for hook cleaning
• High Pressure Hook cleaning
• Transponder Cleaning System

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