About Abachem Engineering Limited

Abachem Engineering Ltd was formed in 1982 by two sales engineers who saw a growing potential in the meat slaughtering industry to provide better quality abattoir equipment.

A year on and Abachem Engineering Ltd moved into their own premises and employed two further partners for the business.

As the workforce began to increase and new regulations were being put into place, the company began to develop their very own electrical stunning equipment. By 1986 the company had purchased a plot of land on the local industrial estate and within a year had moved into a new purpose built workshop which is where the business continues to reside today.

The new premises provided Abachem Engineering Ltd the opportunity to develop and manufacture their own methods and techniques, producing a British aluminium twin track rail system and aluminium roller body all with their very own profiling system.

In 1992 Abachem Engineering Ltd. obtained J.S Engineering (Norfolk) and combined the client base, mechanical knowledge and technical information of both companies.

This amalgamation of material and expertise has simply strengthened the Abachem Engineering Ltd brand which has now become one of the market leaders in supplying and providing the meat production and processing industries.